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Gahm Mi Oak Restaurant

I can't stand watching the American version of Iron Chef.  Americans can't pull off that kooky reality tv/over-the-topness mix that comes so naturally to the Japanese.  Iron Chef original: ingredients that were always mind-blowingly expensive and a judge panel that regularly included a fortune teller.  You can't beat that.  This is all to say that: I loved the show and all the original Iron Chefs.  So, when I read that one of Morimoto's (yes, I know, he's an Iron Chef on the American version, too.  Yuck.) favorite restaurants in NYC was Gahm Mi Oak, I was excited to try it.

My first visit to Gahm Mi Oak was a long time ago, but we've been back many times since.  They have a short menu (at least, the Korean version is short), which I love, and their specialty is sulong tang, ox tail soup.  You don't eat the actual ox tails, which is too bad because ox tails are so tasty. 

The ox tail bones are simmered for twelve hours, and you're served the resulting white broth mixed with rice, rice noodles and tender slices of beef brisket.  You are given salt, pepper and green onions, to mix in, to your liking.  Accompanied by their kimchi (some say the best kimchi served in Koreatown), you've got yourself a very satisfying meal.

Another highlight is their bin dae duk, a mung bean pancake that is well-flavored, crispy on the outside, and tastes happily similar to my mom's recipe.  In short, you've got some great homemade flavors going on in this restaurant and the kitchen is very strong and consistent. 

Oh, if you're not in the mood for sulong tang, the bibimbap is also pretty tasty here.  It's a bit more delicate than I'm used to (for me, Korean food is supposed to be hearty and rustic), but the flavors are good.  Another plus for this restaurant, it's open 24/7.  Thanks, Morimoto, good call.     

Gahm Mi Oak
43 W 32nd St.
New York 10001
(212) 695-4113