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Fast Gourmet


There's been a lot of talk about Fast Gourmet, a sandwich shop in a gas station on 14th and W.  We first saw a posting on Chowhound raving about their chivito sandwich.  But, it was probably the article lauding their cubano as the best sandwich in DC that got us the phone.  Yes, even though we live two long (hey, it's super cold outside!) miles away from Fast Gourmet, they deliver.  Even better, they deliver tasty food.
We ordered the two sandwiches that are most beloved amongst its fans, the chivito (steak, ham, hard boiled egg, green olives, etc.) and the cubano (pork, ham, cheese, pickles, ground mustard).  They both came with a generous portion of normal-cut fries for $13 and $8.50, respectively.  We also took a chance on an empanada (corn, ham, creamy goodness).  It's a chance because in DC, it seems that empanada = baked; anyone who has longed for McDonald's original recipe apple pie can tell you, some things just taste better fried. 
Fast Gourmet did not disappoint; their empanada was a wonderfully light, crispy shell with creamy corny and hammy filling that tasted a lot more delicate and harmonious than it sounds.  The sandwiches were both winners, made with a lot of love and freshness.  The cubano was right up there with the best we've had, all the classic elements coming together perfectly.  The chivito was a new one for us, a Uruguyuan specialty with so many different ingredients (egg, green olives, peppers, mushrooms) that create surprising, tasty bites. 


Too many restaurants in DC are one, two-dish wonders, where you can have a great meal if you are very careful and knowledgeable while ordering.  But, so far, everything we've tried at Fast Gourmet has been solid and we've read raves about menu items we haven't tried (the yellowfin tuna sandwich, the fish sandwich, lamb wrap, etc.).  Looks like we'll be back...on the phone with our next order.   
1400 W St NW
(at N 14th St)
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 448-9217