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posted Dec 1, 2010, 6:38 PM by Sc Rl   [ updated Dec 1, 2010, 7:04 PM ]
We lived in NYC during the height of the cupcake madness.  The line outside Magnolia was neverending and every other person seemed to be carrying a Crumbs box.  For all we know, the cupcake craziness continues in NYC, but we're not there to see it anymore.  Actually, knowing how quickly fads come and go there, I'm sure the next big thing has already hit.    
We're not really sugar-cravers, tending to favor the oily, crispy, salty side of food, so our stomachs never found the time to sample NYC's cupcake offerings.  But, now we're in DC and it seems like cupcake love is in full bloom.  We're hearing an awful lot about Georgetown Cupcake and DC just got its first Crumbs, a short walk away in Penn Quarter.  So, we finally succumbed.   

We tried the Carrot Cake and the Boston Cream.  At 3.75 each, these cupcakes were big and one would have been more than enough for us to split.  The Boston Cream was perfectly moist, not killer-sweet (that's a good thing) and perfect, though large, bites of custard, chocolate frosting and cake.  The Carrot Cake was definitely more heavy (a bit too dense), chock full of nuts, etc. so that there seemed to be less cake than bits.  Tastes like the rest of their lineup would be worth sampling.
1737 Columbia Road Northwest 
Washington D.C., DC 20009
(202) 232-1733